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Karhutupa Log Cabin

Sneakers on, and quiet as a mouse.
Everyone finds their place, and
the stage is set for the thrills of Nature.
The scene grows still
Suddenly, slight movement – and your eyes meet…
Ladies and Gentlemen, the King of the Forest – the mighty Bear


Spend a safe and exciting night in the company of forest wildlife at Karhutupa Log Cabin, which is located in the vicinity of the Russian border. The name Karhutupa means 'Bear Cabin' in Finnish. Karhutupa Log Cabin presents places for viewing and photographing for 9 people. And for those moments of weariness, there are also beds where you can take a nap. Bears and other animals of the wilderness can be viewed from May till the end of August. In addition to bears, you may see other wild mammals or birds, such as the sea eagle or other, smaller birds.

Groups will start the trip to the cabin with our guide at 6 p.m., and return at midnight or in the following morning.
Price: 75 € per person.
All night price: 120 € per person. Ask for an offer!

The programme includes packed meals, insurance and the services of a guide.
The cabin gives you an excellent place for viewing and photographing wild forest animals. There is room for 11 people, and beds and sleeping bags for 10 people. There is also a chemical toilet in the cabin.

  • Participants cannot be under the influence of alcohol. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the cabin is forbidden.
  • Also smoking and the use of fragrances is forbidden.
  • Leaving the premises is strictly forbidden during viewing.
  • Other safety instructions must be followed at all times.